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Jonathan Montoya's story is one of resilience and hard work. From a negative bank balance, he built a 7-figure affiliate marketing empire, achieving his financial goals and creating a life of freedom for himself and his family.

In this episode, Jonathan shares his journey from rock bottom to the top of the affiliate marketing world, becoming a mentor to over 50,000 students in his affiliate program. He teaches them the strategies that worked for him, helping them break free from their 9-5 jobs and achieve financial success.

Jonathan's story is a reminder that failure is a part of the journey to success, but it's how you respond to those failures that matters. With determination and hard work, anything is possible.

If you're ready to learn from one of the best in the business, don't miss this inspiring episode with Jonathan Montoya. His story of perseverance and triumph will motivate and encourage you to chase your dreams and never give up!


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Key Takeaways

  1. Affiliate marketing = good for money & stepping stone to your own stuff.
  2. Build email list, use as valuable asset for future opportunities.
  3. Use affiliate marketing momentum to launch own courses & coaching.
  4. Promote others people's products before launching your own own company.
  5. Learn sales funnels & email marketing for online business growth.
  6. Create great content on YouTube for audience growth.
  7. Find a business model that best fits your goals and lifestyle.

Jonathan Montoya's advice for beginners…

It's essential to focus on specific aspects of the business that will deliver the best results. Short-form videos on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are a quick and easy way to boost audience engagement and reach.

And monitoring key metrics and making improvements based on observations is essential for success.

Jonathan Montoya provides actionable advice for beginners in affiliate marketing. He suggests starting with short-form videos to gain traction and reverse engineering goals, tracking results to make necessary improvements.

For more advanced affiliate marketers, he recommends outsourcing low-income tasks, freeing up time to focus on income-producing activities that are essential for growth.

On the episode, Jonathan also shares his #1 advice for taking your affiliate marketing business from 6 to 7-figures.

How to effectively leverage affiliate marketing…

Choosing products that align with your target audience's needs and focusing on providing value and building trust is key to building a successful affiliate marketing business.

Jonathan Montoya's Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem framework is an excellent example of how to leverage affiliate marketing to its full potential.

It involves mapping out a customer's journey and recommending complementary products and tools that genuinely help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Mindset is crucial for affiliate marketing success…

Entrepreneurs must be prepared to face challenges, learn from failures, and maintain a positive outlook. Cultivating resilience and mental toughness will pave the way for long-term success in affiliate marketing.

And staying focused on personal goals and motivations can be a driving force during tough times.

Jonathan Montoya speaks about the significant role mindset played in his success. He emphasizes the need for a strong, resilient attitude and a willingness to learn from mistakes to keep moving forward.

By adopting a similar mindset, budding entrepreneurs can maximize their chances of achieving their financial and personal goals.

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