Have you ever heard these myths about building a six-figure income in online business? Myth 1: It takes years to achieve financial success online. Myth 2: Only a select few can make six figures online. Myth 3: You need to have advanced tech skills or a huge following to succeed online.

Stay tuned as Alex Ford and Dave Sharpe reveal the truth and show you how to achieve financial success and freedom through online business.


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Who Is Alex Ford?

Hailing from Australia, Alex Ford is a digital buff whose unique success in digital marketing has established him as one of the foremost experts in the space. With over a decade worth of rich experience, he's created a robust framework for achieving financial prosperity.

His superpowers lie in training individuals to go from struggling 9-5 workers to free-spirited digital entrepreneurs.

One of his seasoned collaborations is with industry titan, Dave Sharpe, who has also trained many to 6 and 7-figure success. Not only has he achieved platinum status in Dave's company, but they've also collaborated creating online courses together.

Alex also strategically promotes Dave's company, Legendary Marketer, generating financial growth for thousands of people.

Building an online business isn't just about the money. It's about creating freedom for yourself and for your children to pursue a life of time and financial freedom.

Alex Ford

Key Takeaways

  1. Uncover the secrets to a lucrative six-figure income online.
  2. Master focus and avoiding distractions for business success.
  3. Identify the Dabbler, Stressor, and Master roles in business.
  4. Discover your unique message & establish a personalized daily M-O.
  5. Embrace challenges and gain wisdom from learned lessons.

Secrets to a Six-Figure Income

The path to achieving a six-figure income in an online business requires setting realistic expectations and focusing on a single income stream.

For those interested in creating a prosperous online business, it's crucial to give adequate time for success, often a commitment of one to two years.

Hence, the secret lies in patience, persistence, and a well-structured approach rather than chasing multiple income streams simultaneously, which often leads to spreading yourself too thin and eventual failure.

Understanding Business Personas

In the journey towards creating a successful online business, Alex Ford highlights the three types of personas – the Dabbler, the Stressor, and the Master.

Recognizing and understanding these personas allows entrepreneurs to identify their personal tendencies and work towards transitioning to the most desirable – the “Master” persona.

Adopting the mindset of a Master, which includes continuous learning, embracing challenges, and seeking knowledge, is vital in the journey towards building a successful and fulfilling business.

00:00:00 – Introduction
Alex Ford introduces the podcast episode and announces that he will be revealing his secrets to a six-figure income as a veteran digital marketer.

00:01:11 – Background on Dave Sharpe
Alex Ford shares some background information on Dave Sharpe, a respected multiple eight-figure earner and industry leader in online marketing.

00:02:03 – Working with Dave Sharpe
Alex Ford talks about his experience working with Dave Sharpe, including being mentored and coached by him, as well as working in one of Dave's companies, Legendary Marketer.

00:04:41 – Clip: What's Possible with Online Business,
Alex Ford shares a video clip showing his children's excitement when he receives an award for earning $100,000 in commissions through his online business. He emphasizes the impact of online business on creating a positive generational cycle of financial freedom.

00:09:55 – Interview with Alex Ford
Dave Sharpe welcomes Alex Ford to the podcast and mentions they will discuss Alex's journey from a spammy marketer to a successful digital marketer supporting his family.

00:16:23 – Homeless People Taking Signs
Dave Sharpe shares his experience of homeless people taking their signs from the street in front of their house at night, leading to all the signs eventually disappearing.

00:16:59 – Going Viral Isn't Everything
Dave Sharpe highlights that going viral and gaining likes on social media doesn't always translate to financial success. He emphasize that creating quality content and focusing on long-term strategies are more important than chasing likes and views.

00:17:30 – The Changing Landscape of Content Creation
Dave Sharpe reflects on how the landscape of content creation has changed over the years, with the rise of platforms like TikTok and Instagram. He notes that creating quality long-form content on platforms like YouTube used to be difficult, but now the playing field has been leveled.

00:18:05 – The Future of Business and AI
Dave Sharpe discusses the potential impact of artificial intelligence on business. While he acknowledges that AI will bring new tools and simplify certain aspects of business, he cautions against the belief that it will completely run a business for us.

00:18:38 – Daily Method of Operation and Focus
Dave Sharpe shares their daily method of operation and emphasizes the importance of focus and eliminating distractions. He advises choosing one business opportunity and sticking with it until it becomes successful, setting realistic expectations, and avoiding shiny object syndrome.

00:32:17 – Identifying Your Type
Alex Ford introduces the concept of three types of people in business: the Dabbler, the Stressor, and the Master. He encourages listeners to identify which type they fall into and explains the characteristics and behaviors of each type.

00:34:06 – The Dabbler
The Dabbler is someone who jumps from one business to another, hoping for quick success. They experience initial success but eventually hit a plateau and quit. Dabblers rarely achieve long-term success.

00:35:37 – The Stressor
The Stressor is someone who also experiences initial success but gets overwhelmed by challenges and makes impulsive decisions. They may eventually figure things out and have long-term success, but they live in a state of constant stress.

00:37:33 – The Master
The Master is someone who approaches challenges with a mindset of seeking knowledge and support. They actively seek solutions and continuously improve their skills. Masters may experience temporary dips in success but ultimately achieve long-term growth and fulfillment.

00:39:59 – The Key to Success
Alex Ford emphasizes that problems are inevitable in business, and the goal is not to avoid them but to approach them with a Master mindset. The ability to seek knowledge and actively solve problems is the key to long-term success and happiness in business.

00:45:43 – Finding Your Own Voice
Alex Ford discusses how he transitioned from doing various marketing strategies to focusing on one thing. He initially tried to be cool and different on TikTok, but it didn't work. He then decided to copy what others were doing with a small touch of uniqueness, which led to significant growth on his Instagram account.

00:52:05 – Using Props and Logos
Alex Ford shares his insights on using props and logos in TikTok videos to grab people's attention. He highlights the power of showing the Apple logo and using props like glasses to create engaging content. These techniques helped him increase his followers and views.

00:54:43 – Being Quirky and Funny
Alex Ford talks about his experimentation with being quirky and funny in his TikTok videos. He initially felt uncomfortable trying to be funny but found success with videos that involved glasses and humorous situations. He emphasizes the importance of getting a reaction from his audience, including his wife.

00:55:43 – Overcoming Challenges and Taking Risks
Alex Ford shares the challenges he faced during his TikTok journey, including feeling frustrated when his initial approach didn't work. He had to check his ego and make adjustments to his content. He also mentions the risks he took, such as investing in a fancy camera and lights to enhance the quality of his videos.

00:56:07 – Persistence and Creativity
Alex Ford highlights the importance of persistence and creativity in building a successful TikTok presence. He mentions how his wife helps him in a simple and safe way to create content.

01:00:54 – The Importance of Privacy
Alex Ford mentions that he made a mistake by sharing a private conversation with his wife on social media, realizing later that it may not be appropriate for their daughter. This highlights the importance of respecting privacy and being mindful of the content shared online.

01:02:11 – Balancing Entrepreneurial Opportunities
The guest discusses how the excitement of entrepreneurship and the desire to share opportunities and stories can sometimes cloud judgment. It is crucial to channel creativity and energy into the right places and have a system in place to avoid scattered efforts.

01:03:41 – Organizing and Planning for Success
Dave Sharpe emphasizes the need for a daily method of operation and a system to schedule and organize tasks. By pre-writing emails and planning content in advance, it becomes possible to have a business that runs smoothly, even during vacations or time off.

01:05:31 – Finding Joy and Passion in Business
Alex Ford encourages finding joy in the business and making it fun. He emphasizes that if something is not enjoyable, it will not be sustainable. Falling in love with the work we do and involving spouses or partners can enhance the experience and support success.

01:08:37 – Selling Yourself into Your Dreams
Alex Ford shares the importance of selling oneself into their dreams and having a deep passion for what they want to achieve. When there is a strong desire to create and take action, nothing can stop them from reaching their goals.

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